Cavity Prevention With Pediatric Dentistry

Cavities can develop in children’s smiles regardless of age. Baby bottle tooth decay can impact babies and toddlers and older kids are very susceptible to tooth decay as well. But with pediatric dentistry, we can offer unique preventive treatments. Our Greensboro, NC, dentist’s office can help safeguard little smiles with fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Your Specific Denture Needs

If you have recently lost some or all of your teeth due to injury or decay, you might be overwhelmed at your options in prosthodontic replacement. With so many choices, the help of a trained oral health professional can help you to understand the possibilities that are available to you, so take the time so […]

How Dental Veneers Treat Flawed Smiles

Are you comfortable with the way your smile looks in photos? Do you grow self-conscious about the way your teeth appear, or worry that their flaws are causing people to think negatively of you? Cosmetic flaws affect many people’s smiles. Because this feature is one that tends to draw considerable attention, even minor issues can […]

How We Use Lasers To Provide Patient Care

There are different ways to prioritize a patient’s comfort during dental treatment. Fostering a friendly atmosphere, maintaining a clean and attractive office, and forming real connections with the people who count on us for care all contribute to that comfort. What also benefits patients is how our Greensboro, NC dental practice relies on laser technology […]

How A Family Dentist Can Simplify Your Life

Seeing a dentist twice a year is a commitment that saves most people time in the long run. Those twice yearly checkups and cleanings help your smile stay healthy, and head off little problems before they grow into big ones. When it comes to keeping your smile bright and keeping things convenient, a family dentist […]

Why You Should Schedule a Comprehensive Dental Exam

If it’s been ages since you visited a dentist, you’ll need more than just a simple check and clean. There could be serious problems beginning or well underway, of which you’re unaware. Here’s why you should schedule a comprehensive dental exam if you haven’t seen a dentist regularly. What Can Go Wrong if You Don’t […]

What to Look for When You’re Selecting a New Family Dentist

When deciding upon any medical service provider for your whole family, you’ll do more than choose the nearest practice. You need a professional who provides a core range of services for every member of the family. And this vetting process applies to finding a new dentist, too. Here’s what you can look for when finding […]

What Are the Benefits of Tartar Control Toothpaste?

Regular tooth brushing, flossing, and routine dental exams and cleanings provide a solid foundation for lifelong oral health. If you’ve been battling plaque and tartar buildup, your trusted team at Dental Care of Greensboro may recommend a tartar control toothpaste to help keep your smile healthy and sound.  What Are the Effects of Plaque and […]

Should I Consider Using a Water Flosser?

Water flossers offer numerous benefits. They help remove plaque and food particles from those-hard-to reach areas between your teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, and bad breath (halitosis). Learn more about water flossing and why it may be a good option for you.  How Do Water Flossers Work? Flossers, also known […]

What Is AcceleDent and How Does It Work?

You want to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile. But spending months or years in braces or clear aligners sounds like too much of a hassle. If that’s you, Dental Care of Greensboro may just have the solution. We’re pleased to offer AcceleDent, the revolutionary technology that reduces orthodontic treatment time by up to […]

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