Your Specific Denture Needs

Older Man Greensboro NCIf you have recently lost some or all of your teeth due to injury or decay, you might be overwhelmed at your options in prosthodontic replacement. With so many choices, the help of a trained oral health professional can help you to understand the possibilities that are available to you, so take the time so speak with a trusted dentist who understands the world of prosthodontia. For the replacement of some or all of your existing natural teeth, a removable denture apparatus could be the right solution for you!

In our Greensboro, NC dental office, we want you to be armed with the knowledge you need to make a decision that suits your needs. Before your extraction, we can even begin work on your replacement, so that you can effortlessly transition to an appliance-based form of repair that keeps you looking gorgeous. We are here to help you to have a positive experience in your replacement, from start to finish!

You Have Options In Either A Partial Or A Full Denture

The placement of a denture is a complex process, in order to give you a solution that works for the lasting repair of your smile. For this form of tooth replacement, your provider will create impressions of your current smile, and then adjust them to suit your needs. This gives them the ability to determine your specific requirements and craft a removable prosthetic that works for you going into the future.

While some patients think about a denture as a whole mouth solution, there are options for those who have only lost a few teeth. This approach is sometimes more advantageous than permanent appliance-based repairs such as a dental bridge, as you may have instances of loss that require a unique restoration. A partial denture can help if you have two or more missing teeth in different areas of the mouth, for instance. Talk with your dentist about your specific needs and see if this approach best repairs your smile.

We Can Help You To Transition To A Full Set Of Dentures

The shift from natural teeth to a removable denture solution can give some people anxiety, so we take special care in giving you a positive move into your new smile. Our team can start working on fitting you with a comfortable set of prosthetic teeth before your extractions. This way, you do not have extensive downtime while you wait for impressions and fittings. Lean on our years of experience to give you a solution that exceeds your expectations!

Discover How A Denture Can Help You Smile With Confidence In Greensboro, NC

If you are in need of a custom tooth replacement solution, speak with a member of our team at Dental Care Of Greensboro at (336)854-9270 for more information. Schedule your appointment with us today, so that we can work on a helpful transition into your new dentistry!

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