Hygiene Dentistry

Having your teeth cleaned professionally is one of the healthiest things you can do to care for your natural teeth and ensure they last a lifetime. Most dentists recommend you have a professional cleaning every six months, with some patients needing a cleaning every four months.

What is done during a professional teeth cleaning?

During your teeth cleaning session, we will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, as well as, polish your teeth.


Plaque is a film of sticky bacteria that forms on your teeth after you eat food. The bacteria in plaque will attack your teeth and weaken them by breaking down the outer layer of enamel. Plaque can also give you periodontal disease if left on your teeth too long. Our teeth cleanings will make sure to remove all the plaque from your teeth.


Tartar forms when plaque is left to harden on your teeth. Tartar can make your gums bleed and also is a large contributor to periodontal disease. Tartar can only be removed with special dentist tools. It’s crucial that you have regular teeth cleaning.


We will polish your teeth to remove the small stains and leftover plaque. During routine teeth cleaning, the dentist will also check your mouth to make sure everything looks normal and healthy. If our dentist thinks you would benefit from a fluoride treatment, you will be given a fluoride treatment as well.

Usually once a year, x-rays are taken to check for potential problems before they develop into real problems such as cavities, wisdom teeth erupting or other issues.

Plaque can build up quickly and turn into tartar before you know it, so it’s important not to miss a session. If you think it’s time for a teeth cleaning of your own or for somebody you know, get in touch with us today.

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