Why You Should Schedule a Comprehensive Dental Exam

If it’s been ages since you visited a dentist, you’ll need more than just a simple check and clean. There could be serious problems beginning or well underway, of which you’re unaware. Here’s why you should schedule a comprehensive dental exam if you haven’t seen a dentist regularly.

What Can Go Wrong if You Don’t Regularly See a Dentist?Photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-photo-of-a-woman-getting-a-dental-check-up-6627536/

We hear it frequently — that we should visit the dentist regularly, at least twice a year. But life often gets in the way of our oral health intentions. It’s obvious when you have severe dental decay or a tooth abscess, as the agonizing pain is a dead giveaway. But you’re unlikely to know when problems begin and stop them before they advance.

If you’re not getting regular oral exams, you could be missing the early stages of tooth decay, gum disease, deterioration of old fillings, dental abscesses, and even oral cancer.

What Happens at a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

If you’re a new patient to the dental practice, a complete record of each tooth and its state will be recorded. If you’re an existing patient, your dental record is updated as each tooth is inspected. These clinical details provide a complete history of observed disease and treatment given to the patient.

Every tooth and its surrounding tissue is meticulously inspected during the comprehensive dental exam. Missing teeth are noted, evidence of deterioration of fillings, issues with implants, dentures, bridges, crowns, and veneers are carefully recorded, and treatment is specified. The data is used as the basis for a treatment plan discussed and negotiated with the patient.

Are You Sick and Tired of Putting Up with Long-Term Dental Problems?

Have you been putting up with crooked or overlapping teeth or missing teeth? Perhaps your bite isn’t aligned correctly, making it difficult to eat and causing pain and discomfort in the mouth and jaw. Or do you have gaps in your smile, making you self-conscious?

You don’t have to continue tolerating these problems. Instead, discuss these problems with the dentist during your comprehensive dental exam and how you would like treatment options proposed. Your discussions should form part of the treatment plan.

Comprehensive Dental Services for all Your Needs

If it’s been some time since you’ve been to a dentist, don’t worry. At  Dental Care of Greensboro, we’re not here to judge — just to fix any problems and keep you on the path to improved dental health with agreed treatment plans. 

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