How Is Invisalign Different?

If you are in search of a discreet orthodontic solution to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile, your trusted team at Dental Care of Greensboro is here to help. We are proud to offer Invisalign, the world’s most innovative clear aligner system, brought to you by Align Technology. Find out more about what sets Invisalign apart!

Invisalign’s Aligners Are Virtually Invisible

Invisalign offers a virtually invisible orthodontic solution. The aligners trays are made of a transparent plastic material that is almost unnoticeable to others. Imagine achieving your perfect smile with no wires or brackets and without anybody ever having to know!

Invisalign is Incredibly Comfortable

Your clear aligners will straighten your smile while providing unmatched comfort. Their smooth plastic material won’t injure or irritate the inside of your mouth.

The Clear Aligners Are Removable

Invisalign will straighten your teeth without impacting your life. You can take out your aligners to clean your teeth as you normally would, and you can eat any food you want without restrictions. If you’ve got a special event or an upcoming sports activity, just remove your aligner trays and pop them back in when done!

Invisalign Improves Your Oral Health

Many clear aligner systems make minor tooth adjustments to improve the appearance of your smile while sometimes neglecting to ensure your biting forces are evenly distributed all over your teeth. Invisalign is as much about creating stunning smiles as enhancing your oral health.

Invisalign Delivers Predictable Results

Unlike many clear aligner systems that rely on molds you take yourself, Invisalign uses 3D scans to produce highly precise images of your teeth. Moreover, you’ll know right away how long your treatment will take and will even preview your expected results. The proprietary SmartTrack material and the SmartForce features make Invisalign faster, more predictable, and more effective at correcting complex cases than any other clear aligner system!

Invisalign Is Dentist Supervised

Some clear aligner systems are not supervised by a dentist at all times, so cavities or gum disease can develop and progress unnoticed during treatment. With Invisalign, our team will be monitoring your progress throughout treatment to ensure you’re on track to your perfect smile.

Invisalign Has a Proven Track Record

Invisalign is by far the most time-tested and effective aligner system available, with millions of smiles perfected worldwide. No other clear aligners to compare to the number of cases successfully treated, with stunning results!

Invisalign in Greensboro

Visit Dental Care of Greensboro to learn more about the Invisalign difference. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve the straight, confident smile you’ve always desired. Call us and schedule your appointment today!

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